Here’s to a Happy and Safe 2018!

Happy New Year to all our lovely clients (and those still to become clients!).

We are excited to be starting 2018 with lots of new projects on the horizon. As well as organising the Lone worker Safety Expo which will be held in London on the 2nd October, we are thrilled to be working on some innovative new training programmes.

Last year we had some great success stories using our immersive training techniques in our drama based workshops on conflict management and bullying and harassment. We are so proud of our team of actor/facilitators as they bring real life into the training room and offer such valuable feedback to delegates. We love this comment from a recent delegate on a conflict management workshop “I’ve been doing this job for over 15 years and I thought I knew all there was to know. Today taught me that I have been blinkered to new thinking and my behaviour has become automated and sometimes part of the problem. I have learnt so much about managing conflict and about myself. Thank you to the Team for pushing me just the right amount”…well, you’re welcome and thank you Jim for allowing us to share this comment!

We are developing our Lone Worker Training further to include the impact of lone working on stress and mental wellbeing. This is becoming a real hot topic and one that has been ignored for far too long. The impact of lone working on stress levels, feeling of isolation, pressure and the inability to share concerns cannot be ignored. There are many conversations around about whether mental health and wellbeing should sit within the safety remit or is purely an HR problem. We say – it doesn’t matter which department heads it up, we should all be aware of mental health issues and manage them as part of the bigger picture. Working together, not in silos, always gets better results.

Finally, we know that clients have loved our video scenarios and our live actors, so in 2018 we will be working on ways to combine our video techniques with real world interaction much more closely. We are really excited about this – watch this space or get in contact for more details.

For now – have a happy healthy and safe 2018…and keep in touch!