COVID-19 Announcement

In these ‘bloody difficult’ times I wanted to let you know what is happening here at Worthwhile Training HQ.

The team and I are all following the Government instructions and working from home. We are answering questions from clients about the challenges of home and remote working and generally just ‘being here’ to help where we can. It’s seems that remote working and conflict management are certainly the topics of the moment – I just wish it was for better reasons.

Our face-to-face training has obviously been mothballed for now, but luckily, as well as providing interactive workshops, we are well rehearsed in delivering eLearning packages, training films and webinars (and we have the capability to keep this side of the business going). So at the minute we are busy catching up with those projects that were already up and running and chatting to people about what we can do to keep their staff busy and engaged. If there is something we can help you with, please do let us know.

On a personal note, ironically I’ve gone from being a ‘lone homeworker’ to be surrounded by people! Two of our ‘children’ (they are really adults) have moved home for the duration, and son number 2 (in order of birth – I love all my children equally) has commandeered my office space, so I’m relegated to the small table in the corner of the office.

My other half is working his way through a list of jobs and setting up a gym in the garage. This alongside setting off for his daily exercise on his bike seems to be keeping him sane (and out from under my feet) for now.

As a team, we are practising what we preach and keeping in regular contact with each other via Zoom (other video calling systems are avaiable!) and I’m pleased to report that everyone is doing ok. It is so important to keep in touch and share both the challenges and funny stories.

I would love to hear from you all and to hear about what is happening in your version of this mad world.

Stay Safe (which seems to be salutation of the moment)