Managing Violence & Aggression
in the Workplace

If you want to ensure that you are fulfilling both your legal and moral obligations to your staff, we can provide workshops that will help you with practical steps to assess and control the risks. This course can be tailored for frontline staff and is especially beneficial for those who are responsible for overseeing the safety of others.

We can help you to produce a robust risk management process, from understanding your legal responsibilities, through the risk assessment stage to embedding the subsequent control measures and providing your staff with the appropriate skills.

Worthwhile Training is experienced in supporting organisations through the whole risk management process and have long standing clients that will testify to the benefit of having our advice and guidance.

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“Worthwhile Training have provided expertise, experience and guidance to enable us to implement a meaningful and structured approach to addressing conflict in the workplace… which has led to a significant and sustained reduction in personal security incidents.”Head of Security - Great Western Railway


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