Self Protection &
Physical Intervention

Even after putting in effective safety controls, procedures and training, there are some roles that require staff to know how to protect themselves physically. Using principles that can be adopted by everyone, we can help improve both the confidence and ability of individuals to deal with more challenging situations.

The workshop is run in a safe and engaging way using scenario-based training that takes into account the job role and needs of those taking part.

We only provide these workshops after having worked closely with your organisation to ensure that your current control measures and training are firmly in place and are working to reduce your risks.

If you wish to discuss the option of self protection and physical intervention workshops then please get in touch.

“Nicole helped us create our Violence & Aggression in the Workplace Policy. Her energy, drive and commitment drove the project on to fruition and we made something which changed the culture within our business for the better!”Customer Service Trainer - Arriva Trains Wales


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