Our Team

Our real strength lies in our people and we would love you to get to know us a little better. We are a diverse bunch; we bring different skills to the party and are all guaranteed to have fun when we arrive!


Nicole Vazquez


Worthwhile Training was built on Nicole’s ethos of offering the very best possible, every day. Renowned for her encyclopaedic knowledge and practical experience, Nicole supports many of our clients through the whole risk management process. She has developed countless training solutions and is a popular speaker at national conferences and a contributor to many magazines. She has an uncanny ability to develop training that perfectly meets an organisation’s needs while addressing individuals’ concerns. Vibrant, engaging, and approachable, we think Nicole is fab, and all our clients seem to agree!


Adi Scott

Training Consultant

Adi comes equipped with one of those brains that just ‘gets people’. His in-depth knowledge of physiology and brain neuroscience combined with his great communication skills means he delivers informative and engaging workshops. He has worked in many different sectors and brings that real-world knowledge into the room. Always practical, challenging and thought-provoking, his solutions always offer the holistic view. Adi can always be relied upon to be the voice of reason – for which we are all very grateful!


Kristen Gasser

Training Consultant

Kristen is a key member of the team, able to turn her hand to writing e-learning packages, delivering engaging interactive workshops and joining our actors in our drama based workshops. With a background in theatre, television production and professional development, Kristen has spent years designing and delivering innovative and impactful training opportunities. Known affectionately as the ‘scary American’ when she pops up in our Forum Theatre workshops. In reality her skills both challenge and affirm participants, offering them opportunities to practice strategies, solve problems and gain insight in a safe environment. We love the energy that Kristen brings to everything she does!

Owen Young

Owen’s a talented actor with a gift for reading people and situations. He knows just how and how far to challenge people in our immersive workshops. He always offers insightful feedback to help delegates reflect on the impact of their actions.

Ewan Alman

Ewan brings great life experience and a reality check to our drama-based, experiential workshops. He is able to morph into so many different roles with a clear understanding of how people feel and respond when faced with challenging situations. His feedback to delegates is honest and meaningful. Ewan is also our in-house photographer – smile please!

Ben Thorne

Ben brings charm, charisma and just a little bit of cheeky humour to our forum theatre workshops. His wit is pivotal in ensuring that delegates feel comfortable when being immersed in our drama workshops. Ben easily engages even the most wary of delegates.

Louise Paris

Louise’s experience in the corporate and medical world is of real value. She understands how the corporate world works and brings this to life in our drama-based, immersive workshops. She is a trained counsellor and studies behavioural psychology in her spare time (!). We find her mentoring and nurturing approach to be a real asset.


If you are interested in learning more, or would just like to have a chat, then please get in touch.

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