Our Approach


With over 25 years of experience, we can bring our knowledge into the heart of your business and help you cut to the chase to discover and implement workable solutions that are easier, simpler and above all more effective. We know you want ownership of the solutions, so we work hand in hand with your people each step along the way.

Worthwhile Training can assist you to:

  • Complete unbiased audits
  • Facilitate focus groups
  • Produce risk assessments
  • Design effective policies, procedures and safe systems of work
  • Identify and implement robust control measures
  • Create buy-in throughout your organisation
  • Assess and procure lone worker services and devices


All of our training is dynamic, challenging and motivating. We use techniques that actively involve your people. We know individuals learn more and are more committed to change when they are emotionally engaged, understand the benefits and are having fun. (In fact, if we meet initial resistance because of preconceptions about training, we love to blow away those negative expectations and leave people wanting more!)

Worthwhile Training can design and deliver:

  • Awareness raising sessions – lunchtime learning!
  • Skill-based workshops
  • In-depth experiential training
  • Drama-based immersive workshops (using skilled actors and facilitators)
  • Targeted training for challenging groups or individuals
  • Organisation-wide interventions
  • Management and frontline workshops
  • ‘Train the Trainer’ and ‘Create the Champions’ Courses
  • Tailored and targeted solutions


Never let initiatives fail or fade away; it can lead to staff feeling disengaged and unsupported, not to mention the waste of money and effort. We can help you find ways to create long-term engagement with staff and managers resulting in lasting, transformative behavioural and cultural change.

Worthwhile Training can provide:

  • Resource development to compliment and extend the initial learning
  • E-learning packages
  • Training videos (using our experienced actors)
  • Workbooks and manuals
  • Training packages for peer/in-house delivery
  • ‘Train the Trainer’ and ‘Create the Champions’ Courses to enhance skills, knowledge and confidence
  • Refresher days
  • Support workshops for individuals or small groups
  • Continued advice and guidance

Our Specialties

For each of our areas of specialism we can offers bespoke training consultancy and support packages.

“Nicole helped us create our Violence & Aggression in the Workplace Policy. Her energy, drive and commitment drove the project on to fruition and we made something which changed the culture within our business for the better!”Customer Service Trainer - Arriva Trains Wales


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