Conflict Management

Where staff are face to face with service users or customers, extra skills and strategies may be required to deal with difficult situations and people. Using self-awareness, self-management, communication tools and very practical strategies, we can help your staff to avoid or manage conflict whilst remaining professional.

Talking about and exploring the theory just isn’t enough when it comes to learning how to manage challenging situations. Our drama-based immersive conflict management training has been of great benefit to many of our clients.

Our experienced actor-facilitators are able to recreate familiar scenarios using Forum Theatre and immersive workshops. We provide a safe environment where your staff feel able to test out strategies and their abilities and in the process gain valuable, constructive and memorable feedback. This really is where the magic happens!

Nicole wrote the Conflict Management training package SWeRVe 2 that accompanies the Railways Safety and Standards Board initiative to assist all train operating companies to manage work-related aggression. This is now widely accepted as industry standard and best practice.

One cold February day our friends at Firewood Pictures came along to record one of our training days for Network Rail. We took the opportunity to turn this into a short film that explains the way in which we work (and why we do it this way!). Take and look and give us a call if you want to know more.

“Nothing like any training session I’ve been on before. Was expecting to be bored… but the trainers and actors brought the whole day to life and understood what the issues we face. I was challenged and they made me challenge myself!”Station Colleague - Network Rail


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